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The Ulitimate Keepsake Box - The Celebration Frame

Celebration Frames

A Celebration Frame is the perfect way to remember and share your precious moments, your occasion, your future...


His funky cufflinks
Favours for all special our friends
Ribbons from my dress
Our invitation
Petal table decorations (my idea)
My veil
Evening invitations
(his idea)
Jewels from my hair
Dress fabric
(took months to choose)
Gorgeous cake decorations
Lucky horseshoe (lovely Jenny)
Our place names
Table decoration (Mum's idea)
Flowers from
my bouquet
Your Celebration Frame
A Celebration Frame enables you to savour and share your cherished moments. Those irreplaceable items are preserved and presented to perfectly capture the atmosphere, memories, smiles & laughter of your special day, we can even include parts of your bouquet in the frame...
Gather together and pack your items carefully in a suitable box and send them to us at the address below by Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery, to ensure quick, safe, delivery and prevent damage.  Include your name, address & telephone number with your items so that we can match them to your order.
Milestone Designs
41 Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7HS
All collected items must be dry! Moisture is likely to damge objects  possibly rendering them unusable. Please do not spray flowers with water to keep them fresh as this can hamper their quality and effect your other items. Cushion and secure heavier items to prevent damage to more fragile ones.
Important note!
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Please note frames are 30x30cm with a maximum depth of 30mm, so larger items may be cut to fit.
Any items not used will be returned to you.
All frames are stained pine with a waxed finish.
Send your box to us (we advise 'Special Delivery')
Milestone Designs, 41  Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7HS.
We will call or email to confirm arrival.
Please include with your items your name, return address, phone number and email.
Your Celebration Frame will be returned to you by courier we will contact you before dispatch to make sure that someone will be in to recieve your precious frame.
Please email us to advise us of any requests you have regarding inclusions in your frame.
Your Precious Memories - Make Them Beautiful
Pink Celebration Frame with Antique Pine Frame
Keep Sharing The Memories With Your Celebration Frame
Please note flowers will shrink and loose some colour during drying.
We return your completed Celebration Frame in 3-4 weeks.
From a jumble of precious memories to a beautifully presented frame
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What to Collect
The more the merrier
Any items not used will be returned to you
Celebration Frame Colours
30x30cm Frame
30mm Depth
Celebration Frame Colours
30x30cm Frame - 30mm Depth
Natural Pine
Frame  Colour:

Please give name, address & phone number.

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