Celebration Frame Memory Box - Natural Pine
Frame the Moment - Ebony Frame
Celebration Frame Memory Box - Antique Pine
Frame Your Precious Memories - Keep Forever
The Perfect Keepsake - Mahogany Frame
Celebration Frame Keepsake Box - Oak Frame
Celebration Frame Memory Box - Ebony Frame
Preserve the Perfect Memory - Antique Pine Frame
Preserve the Moment - Celebration Frame - Oak
Preserve the Perfect Memory - Antique Pine Frame

Celebration Frame

The Celebration Frame interior is 30cm x 30cm x 3.5cm deep, the overall size is 36cm x 36cm. The frames are solid wood with a choice of 5 frame stain finishes and each is waxed and buffed to a soft sheen.

Your items will be expertly mounted by a museum trained conservator on a silk thread or handmade natural backing paper, which will be chosen from our extensive range, to compliment the colours and texures of your mementoes. Flowers from your bouquet can be included in your frame.
Some objects may be trimmed to fit, anything too large or unused will be returned.
Selection of Handmade Papers
Your precious wedding memories.
From a jumble of precious memories to a beautifully presented frame
Keep the Memory Fresh Forever - Beautifully
Keep Sharing Your Memories - The Celebration Frame
Celebration Frame - The Ultimate Keepsake Box
The Perfect Keepsake - Oak Frame
Beautiful Memories Framed Forever - Ebony
Celebration Frame - Make the Memory Last - Antique Pine Frame
Frame Your Precious Memories - Antique Pine Frame
Precious Memories into an Art Work - Antique Pine Frame
The Perfect Keepsake - Celebration Frame
Frame Your Precious Memories - Antique Pine Frame
Beautifully Framed Memories - To Cherise Forever
Pink with Oak Frame
Warm Green with Antique Pine
Purple with Ebony
Pink/Mint with Natural Pine
Red/Blue with Oak Frame
Red/Blue with Mahogany Frame
Teal with Oak Frame
Blue with Oak Frame
Gold with Natural Pine
Red with Oak Frame
Red with Ebony Frame
Soft Pink with Antique Pine
Turquoise with Antique Pine
White with Antique Pine
Red/Grey with Antique Pine
Red with Antique Pine
Pink/Teal with Ebony
Pink with Ebony
Turquoise with Oak
Pink with Mahogany
Pink with Antique Pine
    Order Your Celebration Frame 
    Order Your Celebration Frame 
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Standard Size Memory Keepsake Chest
Standard Size Memory Keepsake Box
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