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Wedding Motif Embroidered Gown
Embroidered Wedding Gown
Wedding Motif Entwined Hearts
Entwined Hearts
Wedding Motif Organza Bow
Organza Bow
Wedding Motif Feather Butterfly
Feather Butterfly & Diamante
Wedding Motif Paper Roses & Gypsophila
Paper Rose & Gypsophila


Unique, Personalised, Customised
Wedding Keepsake Boxes & Chests

Standard Chest - Teal Embroidered with Roses
Standard Box - Turquoise Petals with Bow
Palace Script Font Bradley Hand Font Lucida Calligraphy Font Curlz Font Monotype Corsiva Font Amienne Font Harrington Font
These beautiful charming, premium quality keepsake boxes and chests, personalised to your requirements, will protect and preserve their irreplaceable contents so they can be treasured forever. Each lid is hand covered by an experienced paper conservator and finished with a motifs customised with your choice of colours.
Complete your keepsake box with our smaller storage boxes and tissue papers. We can also supply a guest book or photo album with its own beautiful box and a greetings card.
50x50x50 Box & Lid
85x30x65mm Purse/Chest
Tissue Papers
Suggestions List
Add Extra Boxes & Tissues
Standard Box & Chest
Large/Super Box & Chest
50x50x50 Box & Lid
85x30x65mm Purse/Chest
100x100x100 Box & Lid
90x70x25 Pillow Box
Tissue Papers
Suggestions List
Standard Keepsake Chest with Teal Embroidered Lid and Roses Motif
Standard Keepsake Box with Turquoise Petals Lid and Organza Bow
Blue & Silver Stars Dew Drop Handmade Paper
Blue Crosses Handmade Silk Mulberry Paper
Blue with Aster Petals Handmade Cotton Paper
Blue Glitter Dot Handmade Cotton Paper
Blue Glitter Daisies Handmade Cotton Paper
Royal Blue Dotty Hearts Handmade Lotka Paper
Sky Blue Dotty Hearts Handmade Lotka Paper
Blue/Silver Stars
Blue Crosses
Blue With Aster Petals
Blue Glitter Dots
Blue Glitter Daisy
Royal Blue Dotty Hearts
Sky Blue Dotty Hearts
Sky Blue Applique Polka Dots Handmade Lokta Paper
Royal Blue Swirling Hearts Handmade Silk Mulberry Paper
Royal Blue Roses Handmade Silk Mulberry Paper
Teal Damask Handmade Lokta Paper
Turquoise Glitter Paper
Teal Embroidered Swirls Handmade Cotton Paper
Sky Blue Polka Dot
Royal Blue Swirling
Royal Blue Roses
Teal Damask
Teal Glitter
Teal Embroidered
Turquoise Petals & Grasses Handmade Mulberry Paper
Turquoise Dotty Hearts Handmade Lotka Paper
Ocean Blue Applique Polka Dots Handmade Lokta Paper
Aqua Blue Dotty Hearts Handmade Lotka Paper
Blue Cornflower Petals Handmade Lokta Paper
Blue Applique Stars Handmade Lokta Paper
Blue Silk Handmade Mulberry Paper
Turquoise Petals
Turquoise Dotty Hearts
Ocean Blue Polka Dots
Aqua Blue Dotty Hearts
Cornflower Petals
Applique Stars
Blue Mulberry Silk
Franch Navy Blue Dotty Hearts Handmade Lotka Paper
Navy Dotty Hearts
Add Extra Boxes & Tissues:

Delivery Options
All items are handmade so take 4-5 days to complete, before dispatch. If you need your keepsake urgently you can add Priority Order at the check out for 2 day Special Delivery.
Handmade papers may contain imperfections this is part of their charm.
All our boxes and chests are made for high quality linen textured card.
Standard Size Memory Keepsake Chest
Standard Size Memory Keepsake Box
Keepsakes for all occasions - make the memory last.

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